Live assist support

We take control of the situation and provide real-time customer support. Our browsing support service provides realtime assistance with shared browsing and live chat. No software or extension installation required.

Engage in a minute

Instead of spending precious time telling you how to solve the problem, co-browsing allows our support operators to guide the show on the right path.

We show, don’t tell

By using shared browsing, agents are able to move their mouse around your (customer’s) browser, highlight information, and make the tricky process even clearer.

Browsing privacy: Why co-browsing isn’t dangerous for users’ privacy

At first, whether perceived or real, there is a real concern about co-browsing privacy. Lots of users are scared about the fact that they could face privacy issues by using co-browsing software.


The customer may ask to end the co-browsing session at any time. It has been built with customers agreement in mind.

To be clear, co-browsing is not desktop sharing or screen sharing. It can only control the tab on which the user is asking for help.


Since it primarily uses JavaScript, customers do not have to download any plugins or sign into any other application.

Cobrowse session security can be divided into different parts:


Protocol security • Session Authentication • Message Level Security •WebPage Level Security


Now you know there are no risks about co-browsing, let’s see how we can help you better serve your needs.