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Create a landing page and website for your mobile apps for free

Every mobile app needs a website or landing page for your users: whether it’s for support, SEO, or branding. If your app is still under development, it needs a website to collect feedback, ideas, and response from the early adopters. If you already published the app, it becomes essential to have a website. A website is a must-have companion for any app. It increases your reputation, helps in branding, answers the questions of your users, becomes a landing page for your ad campaigns. Where the world is full of apps and thousands of apps releasing every day, users want an overview of your app, what it does, and how useful it is for them, and your website is the first place to answer their questions and can lead to deciding factor for a download or not.

Why do I need a Landing page for my app?

  • Branding – having a website is must for every brand
  • Overview- Both Play store and App store are full with apps, today everyone wants to take a overview of your app before downloading it.
  • SEO- Improve your performance on Google search and any other search engines.
  • Support- Answer the frequently asked question to your users questions.
  • More traffic – More traffic means more downloads and more conversions.
  • Download links- Add downloads buttons or links to your Play store and app store download pages.

How to create a website for my apps?

There are lots of ways to create a website, like hard coding it from scratch, which is both times consuming, expensive, and hard to maintain and update. The second option is website builder, which is an easy option but a monthly recurring cost becomes a headache. And the final answer is VINTCER. VINTCER is an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder which comes with lifetime plans so you don’t have to worry about the monthly or yearly costs.

Is there any website builder with lifetime plans and easy to use drag and drop interface?

Yes, our pricing starts at just $25 per year and lifetime plans start from $49/for the lifetime and go up to $99 for the bundle of 5 websites. The $49 is perfect for creating a website for your mobile app and the $99 plan is perfect if you have more than 1 app and you want to create a separate website for each of your apps.

How to get started?

Let’s get started and see how you can publish your website in the next 30 minutes-

1. Choose a template of your choice-

Go to https://app.vintcer.com/themes and choose a template

2. Click on the edit button

After selecting the desired template click on the green-colored Edit button

Landing page builder theme

3. Enter your email, username and password and click on signup button

Website builder

4. Edit content and upload your app screenshots

Click on text to start editing and click on the image to replace it with your app screenshots or mockups, you can also add .gif or videos.

Click on the text or any other element and choose + icon to add more elements like title, sub-title, image, buttons, etc.

5. Finally, add your Play Store, App store downlod links :-

Add the logo section by clicking on the + icon and then clicking on it to choose the Link To option

Click on the edit (next to Link To…)

Enter your play store, app store, or any other store download page links and lick on the publish button.

Website builder for apps

Your website is now ready, isn’t it easy?

6. Connecting your domain name to your website-

Connecting your domain is easy and only requires a few clicks, we have explained it here- https://docs.vintcer.com/connect-your-own-domain

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