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by studio9 in , on August 25, 2020

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Hue is designed for podcasting making it easy to show your podcasts in an attractive and organized way.

To organize the content and separate normal posts from the podcast posts, Hue is organized to:

  • Show all posts with the podcast tag on the homepage with an auto-generated number for each post (Episode)(E1, E2,…).

![Hue Episodes](

  • Show all posts with the blog tag on a separate /blog page.

![Hue Blog](

Hue comes with full membership and members support which makes it the ultimate theme for monetizing your podcast with Ghost.

![Hue Membership](

Love dark mode? A beautiful [dark mode]( is available.

![Hue Dark Mode](

#### Hue also comes with:

  • Search support
  • 8 icons for different podcasting services as shown in the homepage hero section
  • Images lazy-loading for optimal performance
  • Disqus, Commento & CommentBox comments
  • Translation support with 8 different languages
  • Related Posts
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Responsive Tables
  • [Online documentation](

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